Bophele Ditiro


Landscaping & Garden Maintenance / Commercial Services / Residential Services / Office Cleaning / General Building Maintenance / Maintenance Services

Landscaping & Garden Maintenance

We always work hard to ensure that our clients are the envy of the neighbourhood when it comes to garden design and maintenance, we do this by assessing the current state of the garden and together with the client, deciding on a beautiful yet sustainable design and maintenance plan for the garden.

We at Bophele and Ditiro Trading are looking to change the wave of garden services as a whole in a formed way, meeting the clients’ needs is our key objective. Due to the dynamism and manner in which we render our services, our competitors cannot equal our services as we have a greater work force and experience and that enables us to provide quality services at the shortest possible time, our prices are reasonable and our machinery is some of the best in the market.

Commercial Services

  • Trimming and shaping of grass
  • Shaping or cutting of shrubs and hedges
  • Litter and leaf control
  • Cleaning and treating of hard surfaces (forecourts. paths, decking)
  • Turfing & re-planting
  • Cleaning and clearing of sites
  • Indoor/outdoor flower pots and baskets supplied and maintained
  • Painting or treatment of security fencing and bollards
  • Seasonal planting bulbs and bedding plants
  • Gravel car parks repairs.
  • Removal of ivy and climbers from brick or timber properties

Residential Services

  • Lawn care, cutting, re-turfing, seed and feed.
  • Hedge re-shaping, re-planting and regular.
  • Hand weeding, herbicide and pesticide spraying.
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces.
  • Flower beds treated with fertilizer mulch or bark chipping.
  • Garden clearing and cleaning.
  • Paths, concrete bases and patios removed.
  • Fences and sheds treatment and/or painting

Office Cleaning Services

We have qualified and trustworthy people who are ready to provide quality service that caters to your individual needs. A service solution will be designed specifically to your requirements; a qualified management team ensures peace of mind at all times.

We offer professional services for the following:

  • Cleaning of offices.
  • Cleaning of the windows and walls.
  • Vacuuming the office floor.
  • Sweeping the entire floors and spot cleaning the glass.
  • Cleaning under all furniture and moveable equipment.
  • Emptying and cleaning all the refuse holders, and waste baskets.
  • Wiping walls and skirting boards.
  • Dusting telephones, monitors, keyboards, computers and desks.